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About the blog (EN)

Dear Reader,

I have absolutely no idea how you got here. As you can see, this is a blog written in Hungarian, which means you probably won't find anything interesting here unless you're trying to practice this language. In that case, good luck! If you're Hungarian and simply curious about what I would write here - I bet you're looking for some mistakes, aren't you? :D Let me know if you find one.

So, back to You, dear English-speaking Reader. You probably won't be able to understand my posts, but if you're still reading this you're probably interested: what's all this about? Well, this is a half-personal university blog. I attend the Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, I major in Japanese and minor in English. This is basically all I write about. Exams, teachers, seminars, lectures, and some other Japan-related stuff.

My blog has become quite popular recently, I get more and more e-mails, some asking questions about the university, some just thanking me for creating this blog and letting me know they enjoy reading it. (I definitely enjoy reading these, the latter I mean. But I'm also enthusiastic when it comes to helping less experienced university students, so I enjoy answering questions, too :))

That's all I can say. Sorry for disappointing you if you expected more content in English :( But now you know this blog exists. That's cool! :D

Thank you for stopping by.

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